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Carbon Capture Service

Catena's modular carbon capture units are proven and capture over 90% of CO2 emissions. The captured CO2 is then converted to 99% pure liquid and transported offsite.

Our skid-mounted unit can be retrofitted to existing flue or flare stacks and has zero impact on client site operations or staffing.

Fully sound and vibration attenuated it can be located wherever your facility has space.

Remotely monitored with a minimal footprint.

Proprietary Technology

After 7 years of industrial research and field testing Catena’s principles have developed a unique carbon capture process which results in a competitive capture cost and conversion to liquid CO2.

The unit is modular, making use of components which are widely available in order to keep the capital costs low, the operating costs even lower, and the maintenance simple.  

The units are designed to operate remotely, have low power consumption, high automation, minimal footprint and address a large market universe of industrial emitters.